About Us

Samma Studios is a company founded by Sandra Torres (they/them). The name Samma is a combination of their first and middle name: Sandra Maria. As Sandra has been fortunate enough to have lived in five countries in the past two and a half years, Samma Studios focuses on sharing their experience traveling. Everywhere Sandra went, from Prague to Dublin, their film camera never left their side. The photos Sandra took captured moments of their life abroad, and they’re finally ready to share those moments with the world. With Samma Studios, Sandra simply hopes to remind you that once this Covid-19 pandemic is over, there’s a world out there ready for you to explore.  

As a company run by a queer artist, Samma Studios has pledged to donate $1 from every purchase to The Ally Coalition (TAC). The money donated will directly help LGBTQ+ youth and help build wellness centers for at-risk youth, fund houses for people with nowhere else to go, provide supplies for homeless youth, and so much more. Help us find #PrideinEveryPrint

Step Outside

Step Outside features a song Sandra wrote to their younger self asking them to step outside (their comfort zone) and travel. Sandra continues to explain that traveling is the reason they have some of their best friends and has allowed them to be their happiest self. With this video and the prints offered by Samma Studios, Sandra hopes to help you remember your love for traveling and exploring.

Wood-Ridge, New Jersey